Sanding and Varnishing/Refinishing treatments:

Rejuvenate your home or commercial space back to its former glory with a sanding and varnishing treatment. Solid wooden floors can look amazing for decades, but if your floor is showing some wear and tear, we can help. We can reinvigorate even the most worn floors. Eliminate those scratches, bumps, dips and pock marks and get your floor looking brand new again!

No Dust!

Our specialized staff and our advanced machines available mean our sanding treatments are 99% dust free! These machines are at the forefront of sanding technology, and filter the dust instead of releasing it. Areas being sanded don’t need to be sealed off.  Our dust-free machines are ideal for those with allergies and asthma and cut down on the time needed to sand a floor.


Experience and Expertise:

We have been sanding, varnishing and re-finishing all sorts of floors for over 20 years! A change in flooring can lift a whole room. All of our installers have been highly trained and we take quality and continous improvement very seriously. We also accommodate night or out-of-hours work. This means we can refinish your floor  with minimal disruption to your home or business, and our dust minimising machines mean cleaning up is almost negligible.


Refinishing and Restoration:

If a space is being redesigned, engineered and solid floors can be adjusted to suit. Save thousands  compared to a total refit. Most solid wood floors can be sanded back, stained to the original colour or can be restained to almost any shade- call us for a consult!

Sanding and varnishing steps are the first step in any floor restoration project.   These processes are  a vital part of renewing older floors and blending in any new repairs. We will happily advise you on the best options for your floor-contact us for a free consultation!

Specialist Consultation:

If you are thinking of getting a new floor or are unsure about any finishes, or have queries about installation? Call us or call down to the shop, we can sort it. Specialist appointments can also be booked to discuss any specific enquiries e.g. custom lacquering, commercial installations etc.. Call 021 437 4285 or fill out the contact form to make an appointment.

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