Solid wood flooring

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Solid wood flooring is the original status flooring, and with good reason. It is extremely hard-wearing and never ever, goes out of fashion. Solid floors can be obtained in almost any finish and in nearly every shape and size. Solid woods come from a variety of tree species, and each have their own partic

Solid wood floors can be installed in a variety of ways. One of the most common is glue-down installation, which involves glueing down each piece of wood like a jigsaw puzzle, and is most common in herringbone-patterened floors. The second most common method is installation on clips or battons, where the floor boards are clipped or nailed to a frame. The third installation method is less common with solid wood, but some types of solid wood floors can be floated over a specific underlay.


The main colour and texture of solid wood flooring will depend on the species of tree the wood comes from, and how that wood has been treated. Oak tends to be blonde and quite light, but can be smoked to achieve darker, richer tones. Cherry and Acacia woods tend to be lustrous and shiny, with pink or earthy red undertones. These are perfect to warm up a room, but can look overwhelmingly dark the wrong space. Maple tends to be glossy and has beautiful silvery, pink tones through it, while darker woods such as Walnut can have rich chocolatey browns though them. Traditional Pine can vary, but often has red or yellow colours through it. It is really important to see a finished sample before you choose you solid wood flooring, as often different oiled treatments or lacquers can affect the final tone of the wood.

Once installed, Solid wood floors can be sanded and re-treated as many times as necessary/as the thickness of the wood allows. This means that any scratches or dents that have built up over the years can be removed, and the floor can be re-treated to look as good as new.




Solid wood flooring

Available from: €€30-€150 per yard

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