Trims and Accessories

Trims and Accessories

There is no point in installing a pristine new floor and then falling down at the last hurdle! We supply, fit and can custom make the ideal Trims or accessories to match and complement your floor.  We can also supply and fit a variety of door saddles and architraves to suit your space.

We keep a large stock of trims in the showroom, and we either make or order specialised matching trims from specific flooring types. A selection can be viewed here.

Trim and accessories: types and where to use them;

Bamboozled by options? No worries, we can sort you out. See our guide to picking the right trims before or after you install your floor. If in any doubt, give us a call or drop us a line at; our expert staff can advise you on the best trim, scotias, skirting, or door saddle for your needs!

Doorways: Door saddles can be either ordered or specially machined to fit.These trims are a  T – shape with a domed hat, that sit between doors to prevent tripping and fill gaps within them. Different shapes and decors are available. For laminates and vinyls, e.g. Pergo or Quickstep perfectly matching decors are available.

Solid wood T bar

Floor-floor (flat): if you have a transition between areas hat is perfectly flat, you can use a flat trim. These can be stick down or screw down and are quick and easy to install., and some floors e.g. Pergo or Quickstep have matching decors.

Flat trims

Change in height:  very often, there can be a height difference between two different floor types e.g. laminate to tile or vinyl to laminate. if you need to bridge a gap between floors of  different heights, you should choose a reducer profile/trim. 

Edge Trims: These sit in flush to the wall and (typically vinyl tiles)the flooring fits snugly into them. These give a very neat finish.

Vinyl End Profile

Stair nosings: Stair nosings can be got in matching decors for some tiles, Pergo and Quicksteps laminates and vinyls,  and for solid or some engineered floor types.  Usually a metal base sits underneath the floor covering, then the stair nosing finishes off the corner of the step.

Internal stair corners: for Luxury vinyl tiles, internal corners are necessary to provide structure to the risers of the step.

Scotias: Scotias are small quadrant shaped wood or mdf that can be applied at the base of walls to cover expansion gaps.  They are usefull for islands, or finishing floors where skirting cant be removed.



Rosettes:radiator rosettes can be got as solid wood rounds that open to sit around pipes and provide a nice neat finish.









Pergo Accessories For Laminate flooring , Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Quickstep Accessories for laminate flooring, parquet flooring and luxury vinyl tiles.

Trims and Accessories

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Specialist Consultation:

If you are thinking of getting a new floor or are unsure about any finishes, or have queries about installation? Call us or call down to the shop, we can sort it. Specialist appointments can also be booked to discuss any specific enquiries e.g. custom lacquering, commercial installations etc.. Call 021 437 4285 or fill out the contact form to make an appointment.

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