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Underlay is often overlooked-and it shouldnt be! There is a huge variation in underlayment thickness and quality, and picking the right one for your floor can be tricky. However, our wide range and practical experience means we can get you the perfect underlay for your floor, and your budget!

For floating floors of all types, we recommend the use of some sort of underlay- it softens the boards underfoot, reduces noise and improves heat retention. It will also improve the longevity of your floors, so that they will look as good as they do when freshly installed for longer! Your room’s settings and heating system will determine what kind of underlay is going in. For example, if you have underfloor heating, then a dense air articulated polyurethane foam should be used under any timber of laminate floor you install.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you pick your underlay:

Do I DEFINITELY need underlay? Yes, yes you do! Please, please don’t install your floors without it, its will be noisey and will damage the boards, costing you more money in the long run!

What type of flooring is going down?

With Luxury Vinyl tiles, you will need a very thin, strong underlay or else very dense foam. For laminates, 2mm foam or better should be used, being careful to take floor height and doors into consideration! Engineered or semi-solid floors (depending on heating system being used) can use almost any choice of foam, cork, latex, dense foam, foil-lined or any number of underlay options, so unless you have underfloor heating, you have a huge choice for laminates and engineered/semi-solid floors.

My floor is upstairs-does this mean I need extra underlay?

In a word, no, but do get the densest option you can! Upper floors can transmit quite a lot of sound, depending on how they are constructed and insulated. Especially in the case of apartments, we recommend using an underlay with the highest decibel rating and densest foam you can afford. This will minimise noise transmission and creaking through upper floors. Our favourite top of the line underlay is Acoustica gold,which is thin, strong, prevents a lot of noise transmission and weighs an absolute tonne. While we can’t guarantee that you wont wake the house coming in at 3 a.m., it definitely wont be because of noisy floors!

We use Acoustica because while it is very very dense, it has the added bonus of being very thin and compact, meaning less shaving of doors, better fitting floors etc. I know it is tempting to go for the thickest underlay you can, it is not always advisable. If you were installing 7 or 8mm laminates, for example, using a super thick, spongy underlay can highlight dips in the sub-floor, which may cause your boards to warp and get damaged. Its best to stick to a 3 or 3.5mm maximum for thinner boards.




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