Underlay 101


 Underlay-why, where and what you need to know! When buying laminate or engineered flooring, you will be asked what type of underlay you would like. This can be a daunting one to answer, as some of it is your own choice, and sometimes you will need to take certain factors of your space into account. [...]

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Choosing a laminate


Choosing a Laminate Oh boy. Laminate Flooring- literally a world of choice out there nowadays. If you are not convinced on laminate, head on over to our Lovely laminates link to see what all the fuss is about. Right here though, we are going to talk about the various purposes and uses of laminate flooring, [...]

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Lovely Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring: The Basics Laminate flooring, the much-maligned cheaper cousin of solid wooden floors. People turn up their nose at laminate, thinking it an inferior product, but these days, thats just not true! However, it is a very different beast to solid or even engineered wooden flooring. We've attempted to outline some pros and cons [...]

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